Internet Access for Everyone

Whether you are a home, or a business, low usage or high usage, in town or out of town, DigitalWeb Internet Services probably has an access solution that will suite your needs. DigitalWeb has been in the business of delivering Internet for over 6 years, and specializes in a number of technologies including dial up access, DSL service, Wireless, and other dedicated WAN technologies.

Our site includes information on most of our access types, and you can start learning about our services by selecting an access type under the heading “Services” to the left. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our Sales Team or one of our resellers and we will be sure to help you find a connection that is right for you.

DigitalWeb Internet Services is the oldest, and once again the only, independent Internet service provider in many of our service areas. We have been serving Vegreville, Alberta and area since 1995. We have seen other ISP’s in our area come and go over our lifetime, but we are still here, and we plan to continue being here for a long time.

What differentiates DigitalWeb from other providers is that we don’t treat Internet access, and therefore the customers using our Internet access, as a commodity. We own our own servers, rather than farm out services from wholesale providers so that we can provide connection troubleshooting and ensure first-hand that all the equipment and circuits are working properly. We answer the phones with human beings, rather than put you into a complex automated routing system and make you wait. In short: we want to earn and keep your business, not play averages with a commodity.

Most importantly, we provide honest service. Our primary goal is to make you so happy with our service, you wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere. When there are any issues or questions about our Internet service, we solve them without lying, finger pointing, or excuses. We try to tailor our support to meet each individual’s specific needs. Whether you’re an Internet novice or an expert, we’ll deliver assistance at the appropriate level and can even point you in the right direction for training.